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BILL DOOLIN – Teenager from Arkansas.  Good natured, charming, innocent, spirited, outgoing, radiates warmth.  Unfortunately worships Jesse James, wants to emulate him.  Doolin thinks with his emotions, not with his intellect, and that’s why he needs strong guidance from someone mature, to curb his worst impulses.  

DOOLIN audition side -

BILL RAIDLER – Lawyer from Philadelphia, PA.  Late 20’s.  Intellectual.  Introverted.  Serious.  But has a side to him that yearns to break loose, to be impulsive and reckless – and that side emerges when he is forced to move west for his health.  He should play big brother to Doolin but ends up following in Doolin’s footsteps rather than the other way around.

RAIDLER audition side -

BILL TILGHMAN – 30s – Fearless federal marshal, always gets his man, proud of his stalwart reputation which makes him a feared name among outlaws.  But he’s also respected by them because he has a code of honor that wants to give everyone, including criminals, a fair hearing. 

TILGHMAN audition side -


BILL DALTON – 20s / 30s – Dark and brooding.  Brother of notorious outlaws who follows a different path – as a California politician in the state legislature.  But when his brothers’ misdeeds wreck his political career through guilt by association, he goes down the same criminal road that led to their downfall.


DALTON audition side -


WINNIE HENSHAW – 20s / 30s – Bold, brassy, sassy, irresistible saloon owner.  Larger than life personality reaches out and embraces the entire audience.  Has a captivating charm and sense of humor that makes her the perfect hostess for our show.

WINNIE audition side -


GEORGE WAIGHTMAN – 20s – Everyone’s favorite mascot.  Has no leadership abilities.  A bit of a dim bulb intellectually.  Goes along to get along.  But has very little judgement either, which can get him into trouble if he’s left on his own with no one else to do his thinking for him.

WAIGHTMAN audition side -


LUCY STONE – 18 – Bewitching daughter of a sheriff who is tired of living in her father’s shadow, who wants to break loose and sow some wild oats, which she certainly does by luring Raidler into her arms, which almost results in his hanging.  

LUCY audition side -


EDITH – 18 – Sweet, pert, charming ingenue.  The perfect mate for the equally innocent and charming Doolin.


IKE PARKER – older – The hanging judge.  Thoroughly corrupt, vicious, bloodthirsty, but hides all this behind a smile.  


SHERIFF HAILEY – lawman – humorless – one goal: catch outlaws.


DEPUTY STONE – lawman – also determined to round up the bad guys – especially Raidler for making time with his daughter. 

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